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Season’s Greetings

December 10, 2017

I wake smiling this morning, with a lightness that comes from knowing all my Christmas shopping is done. I struggle with gift giving every year: the commercialism of it, but also because it is such a conspicuous expression of my need to please others.

This morning, however, is for me. We drive into the first flurry of the season and find the forest covered in a soft blanket of white. We hike for 2 hours and meet no one. Where is the usual crowd at the waterfall? Doing a different trek, perhaps, through aisles and sale racks, in search of that perfect present for a special someone.

I breath in the crisp air, scented with fresh cedar, crackling bonfire and the magic of the first snowfall. My season’s greeting and the perfect gift for me. I wish they made a candle in this flavour – I would gift it to everyone.

Location Notes:
Hilton Falls is located in Milton, 45 minutes northwest of Toronto. A Conservation Halton park, admission is $6.75. It is one of my favourite hikes as there is so much to explore: multiple trails through cedar and pine forest, a gorgeous reservoir and the crown jewel: a beautiful waterfall overlooking the ruins of an old mill, with an ever-burning bonfire lit nearby, the perfect stop for a snack and to warm up. This park is ever changing through the seasons and an absolute delight in the snow.

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