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A Rainy Day at Tiffany Falls

April 3, 2017

Do you have a rainy day ritual?

Before Lily, mine involved mugs of tea, cuddling under blankets and a guilty pleasure movie. But a dog needs exercise and it’s hard to hygge with your fur baby bouncing around wild with unspent puppy energy. My husband is a textbook earthbound Capricorn and despises being wet, but puppy love is a special thing, so we’ve learned to make it work.

Our solution? Chasing waterfalls! Hamilton is waterfall country, but many dry to a trickle on our summer hikes so a rainy day is a opportunity to discover them in their full glory.

Today our destination is Tiffany Falls. A series of bridges criss cross the river, a great vantage point for the rollicking swells of the rapids. To stand in the presence of one of the tallest waterfalls in the area is an awe inspiring, humbling experience. We are a little damp and Lily is a mudball, but it’s totally worth it.

Now when it rains, we go searching for adventure. It’s a misty, muddy ritual that I finish with a long, hot soak and cuddling under blankets in my ritual of old. Ultimate cozy.

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