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Seeking Solace at Sherman Falls

April 1, 2017

Meet my favourite waterfall. Also known as Angel Falls or Fairy Falls, it’s the first waterfall I discovered when I moved to Burlington 2 years ago. It’s the place I return to whenever I’m in need of some solace (eg: when in withdrawal from Hawaii). 

I picture myself standing underneath her flows, her rushing waters clearing away any fatigue and confusion from my body. I hear her roar on the escarpment limestone and imagine she commiserates with my pain. I give thanks that her flow is unyielding, constant (not the case with all the Hamilton waterfalls) and always there when I need a little ritual cleansing. And when she has gifted me with a renewed sense of peace, I stand across her on the drawbridge and feel her mist settle on my face, a gentle farewell. 


Location notes: Sherman Falls is located in Ancaster, part of Dundas Valley Conservation. Parking is free on the side of Old Mill Road. The falls used to connect to the Bruce Trail in a loop that takes you past Canterbury Falls, but this segment has been blocked off (now private property). It’s still a worthwhile adventure though, as you can hike 1 km down the road to visit Tiffany Falls, and this trail is often dotted with wildflowers and deer in the spring. From there, you can following the Bruce as far as you’d like to. 

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