Letters Soul

When Everything is Beautiful

March 21, 2017

Dearest Sara,

I write to you from our balcony by the water. The waves crash upon the lava, sending a salty spray over the banister into the pool. It seems only moments ago that we laid here, making grand plans for our new lives in Hawaii.

And while the pool, the ocean and the view is constant, I am changed. You were right when you said I needed solitude. It would have been easy to find acceptance and forgiveness in your company, but to learn that kindness towards myself, for myself, has been even more life changing. Mahalo nui loa.

You see, what becomes an undeniable truth once you have been on the island is that life is beautiful. I don’t mean the beauty that comes from sunsets on the ocean, the pitter patter of the palm fronds in the wind or the sweet scent of plumeria in the morning. I mean the beauty of life that comes from living completely from your heart. The Island demands it of us here, and that is the root of her magic.

I can feel my heart’s beat and rhythm so clearly here that all doubt vanishes from my being. I can trust the design of the universe, each moment flowing easily with purpose. What a gift to be able to live fearlessly, even for just a moment.

The dolphins say hello, and I know as you read this words, your heart beats in recognition of the alchemy here. Let my words carry you into her embrace.

Until we meet again,




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