Adventure Awaits

April 29, 2017

Dear Jackie,

This time you’re in the future. You’ve probably already risen for today’s adventure. Today I’m filing my taxes, reading up on Accounting for Dummies, and trying to figure out how to organize my life properly so I’m not in panic mode next year when I do this. Kind of a boring day, but it allowed me to reflect on trying to balance whimsy with reality. If I have my head in the clouds too much, I lose focus on the little things that make my life less stressful. I now mediate for five minutes each morning while listening to ocean sounds, or the whale songs from our time in Hawaii. I need that peace, that sun, that lightness, and that calm. I can’t wait for your photos and your stories. You’re visiting our other half right now, our sister islands, The Hawaii of the Atlantic, and I can’t wait to hear what she brings to your life. I know you’re not expecting much, but I think that’s why she might surprise you.

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